Report compliance violations

We are united by our professional attitude and values. Living and upholding these values can sometimes be a challenge on a day-to-day basis. If you see a breach, there are three easy ways to report it confidentially.

Doing the right thing together

We all know it - once boundaries are crossed, even by "half a foot", and if it goes unnoticed or is even tolerated, they become increasingly blurred. In a globally networked organisation, it is all the easier for serious boundaries to be crossed. When such boundaries are crossed, they violate our corporate values and, in the worst case, jeopardise the continued existence of the company and thus the long-term well-being and prosperity of every employee. We want to promote value-based behaviour and protect our employees and the company from unfair, unethical and inappropriate behaviour.

Trust your gut feeling

For example, you have noticed that:

  • a colleague is being bullied,
  • favours seem like bribes,
  • prices are being agreed,
  • service providers are violating their duty of care (e.g. occupational safety and equal opportunities),
  • personal data is disclosed to third parties without authorisation,
  • ...
Then you should take action!

In case of doubt, the KOSTAL Code of Conduct explains our most important principles of behaviour or the independent KOSTAL Compliance Hotline will inform you about the legal situation.

Our promise

Please note that the investigations are carried out discreetly and confidentially throughout the entire process. Only those persons who need to be involved for the purpose of clarification will be involved.

The Compliance Hotline is managed by an external provider - nobody can recognise you or your voice. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

Both parties are protected - you as the reporting party, even if your suspicions turn out to be unfounded, and the reported person, even if they have committed an offence.

KOSTAL has no interest in sowing distrust among employees or defaming people. Should measures be necessary, these will be taken discreetly.

Compliance violation? What happens now?

With the Compliance Hotline, we have created a way to anonymously report violations or to clarify whether there is a need for action. But what happens when you see a violation and report it?

1. Breach is observed by you

2. Contact the compliance team

3. Information and advice

4. Examination of the suspicion

5. Confidential investigation

6. Examination of the violation

7. Feedback to the observer

8. Introduction of measures

Report a compliance violation

In order to comply with our compliance policies, it is important to report violations as soon as you become aware of them. Transparent and discreet reporting mechanisms allow us to identify potential problems early and protect the integrity of our business.

Report on the web

The SpeakUp platform provides an online portal where you can easily report an offence on your PC or laptop.

Open website

Report via app

Would you prefer to report a compliance breach you have witnessed using your smartphone? Please use the appropriate free app.

Apple AppStore Android PlayStore

Report by phone

To report a violation free of charge by telephone, you must provide the company code.

Company code: 108466
Telephone number for Germany

+49 800 1818 952

Telephone numbers for other countries:
Download telephone list as PDF

This hotline is intended exclusively for reporting legal violations and violations against KOSTAL guidelines and is not a general service hotline.