Ecological. Economical. Invisible.

INVEOR reduces energy costs of electric motors and is easy on the environment.

INVEOR drive controllers are smart modules that control electric motors for the best possible performance and low electricity consumption. As a result, our customers enjoy dual benefits and the INVEOR helps to preserve resources.

INVEOR saves energy worldwide

The INVEOR is installed in wind turbines. In this case, it controls a motor that ensures the correct positioning of the rotor in relation to the wind.
In electric powered buses, the energy efficiency is of considerable importance. This applies both to the drive and to the energy loads on board. Therefore the INVEOR drives the air-conditioning compressor of an air-conditioning system, which was specially developed for electric and hybrid buses.
In mobile machines such as in cutting machines, the technology is subject to very high vibration levels. The INVEOR is vibration-resistant up to 5 g and therefore particularly well suited to this application.
The following applications can be taken as further examples: milking machine, fork-lift truck and snow cannon.
Ressourcen schonen durch bestmögliche Motorleistung

Your INVEOR - Endless Applications

Die INVEOR Baureihe

A smart module for the control of electric motors

The INVEOR makes it very simple to implement motor control. Due to the lower entry costs (platform concept), the incentive to save energy increases. The motor-mounted INVEOR M product family comes in five sizes and covers the power range of between 0.25 kW and 22 kW in 1- and 3-phase variants, motor-mounted or wall-mounted. During configuration, you select the size to suit your motor rating. The fields of application of the INVEOR are spread across a very broad range. In principle, it can make the application even more efficient and save energy wherever electric motors are operated. Examples of these applications include compressors and impellers, air conditioning systems, conveyor belts, overhead cranes, pressure boosters.

Scope of applications

The fields of application of the INVEOR are spread across a very broad range. Wherever an electric motor is used, an INVEOR can make the application more efficient and save energy - whether in compressors and impellers, air conditioning systems, conveyor belts, overhead cranes, pressure boosters or other systems with electric motors.  

INVEOR line of drive controllers

With the INVEOR, everybody can now afford to move towards greater energy efficiency, without having to incur any OEM development costs. The INVEOR is so smart and robust that its scope of application is virtually unlimited - from the milking machine right through to snow cannon. This is possible thanks to our concept: Flexibility across 5 levels:

Die INVEOR Antriebsreglerplattform
  • Five sizes covering motor ratings from 0.25 to 22 kW, each available in the motor-mounted, wall-mounted and cold plate variants. The INVEOR drive controllers can also be optionally fitted with the Safe Torque Off function (STO = functional safety)
  • The INVEOR is compatible with almost all common control environments via CANopen, EtherCAT, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet and Sercos. Customers can select the bus system relevant to their needs and thus integrate the INVEOR into the control environment of their application in the best possible way
  • Various operating elements including a foil keypad, an external and an integrated MMI handheld controller, operation via an external touch operating terminal and PC software are available depending on requirements
  • Thanks to its innovative adaptation concept with a wide range of standard and motor-specific adapter plates, the INVEOR can be used with virtually any motor on the market
  • The regulating concept of the INVEOR is designed in such a way that all motors, from asynchronous to synchronous machines, can be operated

All the freedom of integration: INVEOR P

Die INVEOR P Baureihe

Based on the same platform, the INVEOR P includes the electronics hardware from the INVEOR M family on a standardised cold plate. The specific and therefore variable integration into the customer system is thereby made possible. The electronics are cooled by the cold plate being attached to the customer-side cooling surfaces such as installation plates, cast parts or ribbed housing parts. The extensive configuration options, derived from the INVEOR M platform, are still available here. 

This makes the INVEOR ecological and economical:

  • Straight off the shelf into the customer-specific application
  • Invisible integration without the need for expensive OEM solutions
  • Use existing cooling elements
  • INVEOR M series-production technology