HV-Batteriemodule einfach und sicher miteinander verbinden
High-voltage: Simple. Modular. Peace of mind.

Plan HV storage modules simply and flexibly – and install them quickly, safely and securely.

There are special requirements on safety for HV applications. Flexibility in terms of space utilisation is often neglected in the development process of electric vehicles. In production lines, also, the ease of installation when connecting storage modules has been largely neglected until now.

Ideal space utilisation

This is different for the KOSTAL HV battery module connectors. Two connection versions have been developed:

  1. The first version covers a grid dimension of 35 to 120 mm and enables double plugging in one plugging procedure.
  2. Alternatively, with a cable version using the new PLK 14.5 x 1.8 mm in a single-pole receptacle housing a grid dimension of over 120 mm can be conveniently and securely bridged – and all this with a nominal current up to 250 A. With only low cooling capacity, the nominal current can still be doubled. With this KOSTAL provides a standardised interface for all requirements.
Beispielsetup für einen HV-Batteriecluster

Easy assembly

To this end, the KOSTAL battery module connectors for HV applications are extremely easy to install:

  • Without assembly tools
  • Without removal tools
  • Increased tolerance compensation in comparison with screw connection
Toleranzausgleich bei HV-Batteriemodulen
Die KOSTAL HV-Batteriemodulverbinder sind absolut sicher

Safety first – IPxxB contact protection

HV batteries store enormous amounts of energy and because an HV battery the interior is never voltage-free. With the patented KOSTAL contact protection system inadvertent contact with the current-carrying components is avoided. A lethal electric shock during assembly and maintenance work is therefore ruled out.

HV battery module connectors from KOSTAL

Assembly unit vertical

Assembly unit horizontal

HV-Batterien vertikal verbinden
HV-Batterien horizontal verbinden
Depending on requirements, the module connectors can be aligned horizontally or vertically. This results in the greatest possible flexibility when designing the package layout.

Grid dimensions

HV-Module verbinden mit Rastermaßen ab 120 mm

Grid dimension 35 to 120 mm

Grid dimension 35 to 120 mm
the shortest variable solution without cable
  • Double plugging in one plugging procedure

Grid dimension from 120 mm

>> Single-pole push on contact housing << 
      the cable version