Qualität erleben - unser Anspruch in jedem Detail

“Quality is when the customer returns, not the product.” – John Guaspari

For KOSTAL, quality means much more than our customers being happy to return. We also understand quality to be much more than just being able to  possess and exhibit all necessary certifications and satisfy all required standards worldwide – something we do as a matter of course. 

Quality is when it is right.

This applies to relationships with our customers just as much as in the cooperation and in relation to all KOSTAL employees, to our suppliers and stakeholders. Our quality standard is that everybody who works in cooperation with us can be certain of having a good feeling at all times.

In concrete terms, this means,

  • that quality and our quality strategy are the foundations for all activities of the KOSTAL Group worldwide,
  • that the „zero-error target“ is our driver for all products, processes and services,
  • that it is a must that we fully satisfy the wishes, requirements and expectations of our customers,
  • that we continuously improve our quality both proactively and reactively,
  • that we ensure systematic advanced quality planning from development through to serial production,
  • that for quality assurance purposes we perform preliminary, intermediate and final inspections in our own laboratories and measuring rooms based on internal,  globally uniform standards,
  • that we update our customers on delivery quantities, dates and quality levels regularly and in good time,
  • that we demand that our employees think and act in terms of quality and support them in doing so,
  • that we expect our management teams to lead by example and to support their employees in achieving their quality goals,
  • that we make the necessary tools and workstations available to our employees to enable them to achieve optimum results,
  • that our employees are able to actively participate in proposals for the continuous improvement of KOSTAL quality via KIM (KOSTAL Improvement Management). 

Outstanding quality excellence without any restriction is what really matters to us and our customers.

Herr Dietrich
Dr. Björn Dietrich
Executive Vice President Quality