Unsere Lieferantenformulare

Global purchasing – local partners

The world is our home and our customers are our neighbours: You should also be there as our supplier.

We manage works distributed around the globe. You will find extensive information on the individual works under the Locations tab. To enable a dialogue based on partnership and uncomplicated cooperation, we have made all relevant information available in the Download area. Are you interested in partnership? Contact us using our Supplier form
Supplier form - Production materials

Supplier self-assessment and range of offers for production materials

Supplier form - non-production materials

Supplier self-assessment and range of offers for non-production materials, services, tools, etc.


As part of continuous process optimisation, the KOSTAL Group relies on electronic data exchange for customer and supplier relationships.


Web-EDI is an internet-based application for KOSTAL suppliers who are unable to operate a conventional EDI connection.

CAx Data Exchange

Provide and download data easily.

E-mail security

KOSTAL would like to ensure a simple and secure e-mail exchange with all business partners.

Contractual documents

Here you can download all the documents you need for a successful collaboration.