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Presentation of the new ecoRD from UPC ecoRacing

KOSTAL Spain has been supporting the UPC ecoRacing team since 2014. This is a technological research association in Spain composed mainly of engineering students from the ESEIAAT University with the main objective to develop new eco-friendly technologies in the automotive sector.

Despite the difficulties caused by the year of the pandemic, the team has not lost its pace, moreover, it has doubled its energy and desire to meet the proposed challenges. That’s why all the members of the formation have pushed their efforts to achieve a very ambitious goal: to create an autonomous car - the new ecoRD. The race car will compete during the summer of 2021 in three of the most important competitions worldwide: in Holland, Switzerland and Spain - in manual mode (with driver) and autonomous mode (without driver).

We wish the UPC ecoRacing team all the best and much success.