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Leading technology from Germany’s Sauerland region

KOSTAL is a pioneer in onboard chargers for electric and hybrid vehicles – with a focus on liquid-cooled systems.

KOSTAL onboard charger
KOSTAL battery-charger: Modular component platform serves as a foundation.

Founded in 1912, KOSTAL invented the headlamp flasher and the rain sensor. The family-owned company from Lüdenscheid in Germany’s Sauerland region has since become a leading supplier of smart charging systems for batteries in electric vehicles.

KOSTAL believes that using cables to charge electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars in power classes from 3.6 kW to 11.0 kW will more or less become standard for years to come. KOSTAL’s battery charging units convert energy from the grids into a form which can be used by the battery of the electric vehicle. The process is based on a modular component platform for various power classes, which is compatible with the different grid connections used around the world.

KOSTAL battery charger: This is based on a modular component platform.

Since they offer benefits in terms of space, weight and the power density required by customers, KOSTAL favours liquid-cooled systems over those with conventional cooling. However, these systems still have to be connected to the vehicle’s cooling system.

This requires the company managed by Andreas KOSTAL to meet the automotive industry’s high-voltage safety requirements and prevent injury from electric shock. The battery charging units therefore have galvanic isolation, providing electric isolation between the grid and vehicle.

KOSTAL has recognised the benefits that can be gained from collaboration in the global market. In 2017, the supplier, which also provides operating elements, sensors and control devices, entered into a joint venture with BYD, a Chinese automotive producer and battery manufacturer. Together, they develop inverters for the high-voltage sector, these already having won numerous awards. 


Automobilwoche / 100 Digital Leaders Automotive / 02/2019
Text: Klaus-Dieter Flörecke