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KOSTAL nominated as “Successful Practice Company for Global Complexity Management”

Approximately 3,900 companies were invited by RWTH Aachen University, St. Gallen University and the Complexity Management Academy to take part in a benchmarking project and a study on “global complexity management”.

Successful Practice

In the course of this, KOSTAL was classified as one of five “successful practice companies” alongside the firms Audi, Faulhaber, Heidelberger Druck and Swoboda.

During a one-day visit in Lüdenscheid, KOSTAL had the opportunity to present its own global complexity management system to a high-calibre panel comprising representatives from companies such as Audi, Brose, Claas, Kuka, Liebherr, Schaeffler and Siemens. The visiting participants were thoroughly impressed with the high level of development of the KOSTAL global complexity management concept.