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KOSTAL-Group expanded business with new future-orientated software brand vaylens

  • Strong range of services for the operation and marketing of charging infrastructure
  • Compleo Charging Software becomes vaylens in the KOSTAL Group

With vaylens, the KOSTAL Group is expanding its range of services to include an innovative software division for the management and marketing of charging infrastructure. With this step, KOSTAL is expanding its position as a strong, sustainable group of companies in the energy solutions segment. The name vaylens goes hand in hand with the vision of offering forward-looking solutions for charging and energy infrastructure. vaylens follows in the footsteps of Compleo Charging Software, but operates independently of hardware and across manufacturers. The focus is being expanded from the DACH region to the whole of Europe.

vaylens' business activities centre on the provision of software solutions that simplify the operation of charging infrastructures and make the billing of charging processes efficient. The sister company Compleo Charging Solutions GmbH & Co KG concentrates on the hardware business for the optimisation of EV charging technology within the KOSTAL Group. KOSTAL has been an innovator in electromobility for decades. With its onboard chargers (OBCs), for example, the company was the first to realise plug-and-charge independently of hardware on the market and has now equipped over 4,500,000 vehicles with OBCs.

The KOSTAL Group will develop vaylens into the leading provider of intelligent charging solutions in Europe. The expansion is an important part of the company's business strategy for energy solutions. The software backend is part of the Group's comprehensive electromobility ecosystem and complements it perfectly.

Here you can find the complete press release.