KOSTAL Sense-Touch-Modul
Simple. Smart.

Surfaces come to life

Electronic masterpieces enable the vehicle of the future to become a living organism on the inside. Reflective surfaces turn into transparent, interactive control panels. The vehicle communicates with occupants using light signals on surfaces that were otherwise blank beforehand. The future of interior design for vehicles is in the midst of a revolution.

Inspire and surprise customers

With smart surfaces, the vehicle seems to spring to life.
  • A high-quality impression and day and night design are realised through adjustment of the LED brightness to ambient light levels.
    Pictured above: driving experience controls in a stylish, high-gloss look 
  • Exquisite design for enhanced brand identity
  • Control panels are adapted to design contours
  • The smart electronics and software behind the surfaces are invisible but highly sensitive. Switching is intuitive and takes place in a flash. The effortless reaction makes the interaction seem easy.

Smart and stylish

Indestructible: switching takes place through an analysis of electric fields, meaning that there are no mechanical parts that jam, stick or otherwise become damaged due to dirt or dust.
  • During installation by the car manufacturer: simplicity of the interface between the design and sensor element. Any unevenness in the panel is offset by the module.
  • Modularity: simple and compact construction. Can simply be clicked into place (installation without using a tool), meaning that variants can be easily installed
  • Plug&play: lighting and sensor system in one component
  • High level of EMC for fault-free operation
Auswertung über elektrische Felder

It is fantastic to be part of a highly competent global team developing solutions for tomorrow's mobility.

Herr Schwerak
Jörg Schwerak
Member of the Management Board KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik / CTO and Region Asia

Less is more

hoch sensible Sensorik am Beispiel des SenseTouch-Moduls
Transparent sensor surfaces, compensation for large tolerance areas on the rear of components, interference-free electronics and an extremely high-resolution sensor system all combine perfectly to achieve what has never before been possible: a sleek piece of plastic is brought to life. On the sense touch module shown above, the thermal layering can be adjusted for an even more comfortable temperature in the vehicle.

Well thought out

Simulation von Sensorik und Beleuchtung
A full simulation of the sensor system and lighting during the design phase enables us to find the best solution without having to build anything beforehand. We create models and develop prognoses as to how a certain product will behave before even a single component has been manufactured. This not only allows us to develop products more quickly, but also to be certain that everything will be as it should be in the end.
    • Visually appealing product design
    • Uniform operating concepts in the vehicle
    • Modern “touch and go” smartphone operation
    • Intuitive and fast
    • Aesthetic refinement
    • Display optics: “thumb wheel becomes display”
    • iPhone generation
    • Reduction of complexity
    • Enabler for modular or common-part strategy
    • Sensory switching in series
    • Minimal installation space
    • Robust integration
    • Innovative tolerance compensation between sense touch module and panel
    • Sophisticated lighting technology
    • Unbroken surfaces
    • Consistent stylistic idiom
    • Omission of previously used thumb wheel increases design freedom
    • Increased sense of value
    • LIN bus interface