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In our slogan, "Smart connections.", the concept behind our company and our products is expressed perfectly. Here, "smart" is the common denominator shared by the rational components such as our technical know-how and our innovative product fields. By contrast, "connections" stands for factors which are perceived at an emotional level to be of particular advantage, such as the human element and our 100-year-old tradition.

Our philosophy

"Smart connections."
Our philosophy of “Smart connections.” is based on our comprehensive experience combined with the group competitive advantages and success factors guiding how we operate. more...


„Smart connections.“- Song – Music connects.
With the “Smart connections.“- song our philosophy can be experienced in a musical way. Click here to watch the video of the song-premiere at the Intersolar 2011 or download the “Smart connections.“-song for free.

Product highlights

The new INVEOR α
With a power range as from 0.25kW the INVEOR α completes the drive controller family and regulates applications for lower motor ratings.


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