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Who we are?
The KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme GmbH is a business unit of the KOSTAL Group, which develops, produces and sells connector systems.
Essentially we are involved in innovative, application specific products for the automobile industry.
The added value for our customers consists among other things of the system competence determined by the great range of available technologies within the KOSTAL group.
We offer our customers not only a single product from one of our business units but also the complete solution from one hand.

The development of products and processes are made by using of computer supported state of the art systems. The electronic data exchange with our customers is possible with all common IT systems.

With highly sophisticated production facilities and optimized coordinated processes, we reach 0 ppm quality with many products. We set a new standard with our contact systems by making the traceability of terminals possible for the first time. Beyond this, KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme can use the complete production know-how of the entire KOSTAL group.

KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme GmbH
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> Automotive Electrical Systems
> Industrial Electronics
> Connectors
> Test Technology


Visit our website:

Information about our products und services can be found at www.kostal.com/kks/en.


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